Is Google to Blame for the Decline of Small Business in America?

Historically, that failure rate was eclipsed by the sheer number of new business starts each year. More businesses opened than closed — until 2008. That year, for the first time in more than 30 years, small-to-medium size business (SMB) closings outnumbered openings — and by a big margin. That year, the country was left with a deficit of roughly 100,000 small businesses. And that trend line really hasn’t reversed course all that much since then.

This NYC Startup is Reinventing Local Search

Don't let marketing companies fool you with the nitty-gritty details about why they have the best product or why you need them to succeed. At the end of the day, they aren’t engaging in a meaningful way they are wasting time and money.

With all of the marketing competition that exists in grabbing your customer's attention, your only option is to be the most interesting or useful ad on the page. LuckyDiem is a mobile marketing platform that’s utilizing gaming and behavioral sciences to drive marketing home when it comes to local searches. Already partnering with Empyr and GiftFly, LuckyDiem is changing the accepted approach and showing just how engaging a marketing platform can be.

How Innovators Are Reinventing Retail By PYMNTS

What looms ahead in a year that has barely dawned? To be sure, 2017 has had its share of surprises, opportunities and challenges across payments and commerce — landscapes marked by everything from the Internet of Things, to hacking, swiping and tapping taking top of mind. PYMNTS approached a number of executives from far-flung industries to get a sense of what new trends and solutions may gather momentum and exposure in the months ahead.